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Quality Homes will build your home and install it on your lot in Ontario. Your lot could be on a remote lake in Parry Sound or on a suburban street in Hamilton! It could be empty or have a structure on it that needs to come down. We will check out your lot to ensure that we site your home perfectly… just another way Quality Homes works with you every step of the way!


You can select a home from our catalogue of homes or work with our Design Team to bring your vision to life.


Quality Homes works with you through every stage of the process – from planning and financing (including customized banking solutions) right through to final inspections. And once you’ve decided on a home plan, you simply give us a 10% down payment and pay NOTHING ELSE until your home is installed on your lot.


You will select your finishes at our inspirational in-house Decor Centre. From exterior finishes like brick, shingles and siding to the finer details of your cabinetry and flooring, Quality Homes’ Design Team consultants can assist you in making your decorating style a reality.


Quality Homes will work with you so that you can obtain all of the necessary permits for building your home. With our expertise and help, we make it easy for you!


Quality Homes will excavate your lot and pour a full-height concrete foundation as part of your home’s standard specifications.


In cases where your lot needs servicing – e.g. electrical, gas, water and septic services – we can help you identify the right contractors for the job to ensure that everything your new home needs will be ready to hook up on delivery.


Every home is built in our 124,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility in Kenilworth, Ontario. Your home will be precision built and engineered to exacting standards. No delays. No waiting for materials. Just a perfect home built just for you.

  • You get a home designed and built specifically for you.
  • Fully engineered for your specific location.
  • A much stronger home, higher in quality.
  • Accurate building costs – no over-budget surprises at the end!
  • Takes significantly less time to build.
  • Way, way less environmental impact.
  • Less destruction and noise when it comes to assembling your home on your lot.

During the building process, your home will undergo a rigorous 400-point CSA inspection at all stages of its development.


Your home will be delivered directly to your lot in Ontario. We ship your home, tightly wrapped in modular sections via specialized truck and trailer systems or even by ferry if required.


Our team of construction experts, well-trained in the art of modular building, will complete your home by the guaranteed completion date!

watch how it's done watch how it's done


Once your home is assembled, you will simply have to arrange for the various utilities to be hooked up. Your home will then be completely ready to move into!


Start building new memories in your home that is not only beautiful but built to last.

Every Quality Home comes with HUG!

You’ll love choosing your features and finishes from our contemporary Decor Centre. It’s one of the highlights of building your Quality Home.

We had definite ideas of what we wanted and the quality we required in our new home. Fortunately, we were able to find it in one place – Quality Homes. They most certainly lived up to their name and reputation.

Lynn & John
Bradford, ON