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Why You Should Consider A Modular Home For Your Custom Build

Since 1987, Quality Homes has been building beautiful, custom modular homes for its clients throughout Central & Southwestern Ontario. As Ontario’s premier modular homebuilder, Quality Homes helps manage the entire homebuilding project – from excavation right up until the customer receives their keys and beyond.


What is a modular home?


A common misconception is that a modular home is like a “mobile home” – or something that is made from a cheap kit. This couldn’t be further from the truth!


Today’s modular homes are indistinguishable from homes that were built traditionally on site. And not only are modular homes not “cheap” but because they must be built for transit, the construction is often better than that of traditional homes.


All Quality Homes have traditional foundations, but everything above that foundation is built in a factory setting and then transported to the site. The only restriction on the modules themselves is the size that can be transported which is 16 x 60 feet. The average Quality Home will include three or four modules.


Each module is as finished as possible before it is transported to the site. This includes everything from paint to kitchen cabinets – even lightbulbs in the fixtures!


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How Quality Homes’ state-of-the-art facility improves the homebuilding process


The production facility makes the homebuilding process incredibly efficient. The 120,000 sq. ft. plant boasts 18 bays where modules go through a type of assembly line starting with framing and ending with kitchens and final finishes. The plant uses precision technology to measure and cut materials so there is extremely little waste – in either materials or in time.


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“Each station adds quite a bit of value. Once the structural and drywall is up, we start installing the features and finishes. Every week, there are a number of modules going on to and coming off the line,” says Howard Sher, Quality Homes EVP.


With the average home construction in the plant taking only 12 days, this has allowed Quality Homes to construct 115 family homes last year.


Quality Homes is so confident in its ability to finish a home on schedule that it offers its clients guaranteed completion dates – and for every day that Quality Homes is late with delivery, they pay the client $250.


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Are there cost and time savings when you choose a modular home?


There is no doubt that there are time savings when you opt for a modular home by Quality Homes. From the time you obtain your permit to the time you receive your keys; it is only about 16 weeks until your home is finished.


When you compare this to the estimated one year to construct traditionally built custom homes, there is no contest. Furthermore, you are much more likely to experience delays due to weather, access, supply issues, etc. with site-built homes.


In terms of cost-savings, you are not likely to see much difference in actual construction costs or costs per square foot when you opt for a modular home. Where you will see cost savings, however, is the lack of delays that you might see with traditional builds such as financing costs, rental costs, and so forth.


Are there any drawbacks or restrictions in choosing a modular home?


Although the benefits generally outweigh the disadvantages, there are a few things that are more difficult to do with a modular home and these are often due to travel sizes. For example, if you wanted 14-foot ceilings in your custom home, it would require an extra truck and crane. The same would apply for rooms larger than 30×30 feet.


More densely populated areas could also be more cost-prohibitive to build in because of access challenges such as narrow streets, large trees, and hydro lines.


However, modular homes have many advantages and are worth considering if you are looking to build a custom home.



Earlier this year, Howard Sher, Quality Homes Executive Vice President, sat down with Commercial Real Estate Library to chat all about pre-fabricated homes and how we design and build in record time.


Listen to the full podcast here:


Quality Homes designs and constructs custom housing in a factory. They then ship it to your land and put the pieces together onsite in record time. They have used this concept to create everything from two stories homes and cottages to multi-residential housing.




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