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Top Tips For Building Modular

After much research and deliberation, you have decided to go the modular route; congratulations! However, it is no surprise that building a house – modular or otherwise – is a vast undertaking. To help ensure that things go smoothly for you, here are our top tips for building modular:


1. Secure your financing – When you decide to build a modular home, you can choose to self-finance or you can obtain a loan. Self financing can be done if you have sufficient cash or if you have enough equity in another property to acquire a second mortgage. If you are going the loan route, your first step is to arrange a meeting with your bank or mortgage broker to go through the approval process. This will give you an idea of how much you can spend on both the land and your new home; and as a result, you will not waste time considering options that are beyond your budget.


2. Purchase your real estate – If you do not yet have a piece of land to build your modular home on, you will need to find some suitable real estate. Getting the help of an experienced real estate agent or someone in the industry is advisable. Be sure to check with the municipality that the land you intend to purchase can be developed for residential use and that there are the necessary utility hook-ups nearby. You may also want to have soil and water samples taken on the property to ensure there are no contaminants.


3. Choose a modular home manufacturer that you feel confident in – Not all modular home builders are created equal. To help you determine which one is right for you, do your research. We invite you to visit our factory, tour our model homes and ask questions (as many as you like!) We also encourage you to interview other companies like ours!


4. Select your home style and floorplan – The beauty of working with a modular home builder is that your choices are practically endless. Start with a style of home or floorplan that you like and that suits your lifestyle. Do not feel locked into the floorplan that is presented. If for example you decide that you want a little more room in the kitchen or even an additional bedroom, talk to the builder!


5. Pay attention to the finishing touches – Some items such as sinks and showers will already be installed in the modules when they arrive from the manufacturer. Other items like refrigerators, washers and dryers, however, will be delivered once the home is built. Make sure to review your inventory carefully to make sure you have received everything you were supposed to. Remember too, that not everything can be finished by the manufacturer.


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