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The Importance of a Finished Basement

Turn Your Existing Square Footage Into Something More Useful


Most new homes these days are built with unfinished basements. But we pose the question, why have an unfinished basement if you could have the finished basement of your dreams instead? Sure, you could use an unfinished basement for storing the Christmas decorations or the belongings of your grown child who promises to take them off your hands “someday”, but wouldn’t you rather use the square footage for something a little more useful?


Finishing your basement will not only add monetary value to your home when you are ready to sell it, but it will also help to increase the enjoyment that you get out of your home while you are living there. It’s all about maximizing your space. And with all the time we are spending at home these days, who wouldn’t want a little extra living space?


A finished basement is a great opportunity to expand your living space, especially if your lot doesn’t permit a two-storey build, you can build ‘downward’ instead.


At Quality Homes, basements are included with your build, lot permitting of course. So why not double your living space with a beautifully finished basement to suit your needs?



What does a Quality Homes finished basement include?


Our starting finished basement package includes everything you would expect –  drywall, flooring (vinyl plank or carpet), as well as ceiling, electrical, lighting, and an upgraded staircase.


We also offer a number of custom options such as bathroom rough-ins or complete bathrooms with a shower or spa tub. This is a great way to make your basement into an additional living space for your family or for your guests. We can also provide fireplaces, increased height ceilings, or walk-up and walk-out basements offering extra natural light that make it feel like the basement is an extra level to your home.


Not sure exactly what you want? Don’t worry, our highly experienced designers will work with you to create finished basement plan perfectly suited to you and your family. Contact us today.





The ways that you might use your finished basement are practically endless, but the following are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:


  • Guest Bedrooms & Bathrooms – Whether you are entertaining family, or looking for a five-star rating on Airbnb, this is your opportunity.


  • Office Space – For professionals who work fully or partially out of their home, an office space in their finished basement can give them a quiet place to work away in peace.


  • Hobby Areas – Whether you are into woodworking, painting or scrapbooking, or need a place for your band to practice, a finished basement allows you to do your thing without disrupting the rest of the house.


  • Rec Room or Family Room – Imaging a dedicated place for the kids to play, keeping all their toys in one place. Or for the adults to converge around a pool table or ping pong table, perfect for social gatherings.


  • Home Theatre – Make your home the place to be on Super Bowl Sunday!


  • Bar – Create another hangout space in your home to entertain your family and friends.


  • Exercise Area – Make your finished basement the place where you strengthen your body using your home gym, your heavy bag, or your personal yoga studio.


  • Cold Cellar – If you love to garden, why not enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labour year-round, by incorporating a cold cellar under your optional front porch.


  • Wine Cellar – Do you know just what red or white to pair with a meal? Having your own wine cellar could take your hosting prowess to the next level.


  • Storage – Yes, storage! Perhaps you would prefer to use your basement for storage rather than your garage. In that case, you might consider shelving or wall hanging systems to help keep everything organized.





There are so many uses for finished basements, and at Quality Homes, we can help design a space that is perfectly suited to your needs. If you would like to discuss your ideas with us, please give us a call.




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