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Premium Luxury Windows

Windows offer a connection to the outside world. They are the base of every home and perform several crucial functions. Not only do windows provide light and ventilation, but they also complete the design, shield from the outdoors, and help with visibility.


At Quality Homes, we ensure our customers receive only the best. Our windows partner, DEL Windows and Doors, supports us in this goal by providing innovative products, exceptional service, and reliability in all of our homes.


About DEL Windows and Doors

Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, DEL Windows and Doors is a Canadian-owned and operated company that opened its doors in August 2005. Since then, it has serviced quality dealers, architects, lumberyards and wholesalers throughout Ontario. DEL’s management has over 100 years of combined industry experience in PVC window and insulated steel door manufacturing. The company started with four employees in 4,000 sq. ft., which has grown to 135 employees in 90,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space with continual expansion plans.




DEL Windows in Every Quality Home 


DEL’s goal is to provide their customers (including Quality Homes customers) with an innovative product that features quality, value, and enjoyment.


Many aspects set them apart from other companies. Their commitment to continually testing their products to make sure they meet and even exceed today’s Ontario Building Codes provides the customer with ultimate peace-of-mind. 


Building a custom house includes many steps, and windows are an essential component of the process. Not only do they allow light to enter your home, but they are also critical for the overall air quality. For this reason: 


Triple-glazed windows (three panes of glass) are a standard inclusion in all Quality Homes.




The Importance of Triple-Glazed Windows


  • Better sound attenuation. Forget about sleepless nights – with triple-glazed windows, you won’t hear any noises outside your house.
  • More efficiency. When thinking about the quality of windows, most people consider R values. With a triple-glazed unit, you can get up to an R-value of a 9 or 10, which is twice as much as regular windows.
  • UV-safety. Triple-glazed windows feature a Low-E coating that can keep UV rays and heat out of the house, so there is no risk of bleached furniture or ruined hardwood floors.


Triple-glazed windows make a house more energy-efficient.



Choosing The Best Frame For Your Window


Every Quality Home window is paired with a durable and energy-efficient CSA certified vinyl tested frame. The DEL Quality Control team inspects each frame to ensure each window is installed with tolerances against water, air and sound. These tolerances support Quality Homes’ commitment to building a high performance home that can provide you with long-term planning for changing circumstances and cost-efficiency.




Casement Windows – A Choice For Flexibility


Quality Homes’ goal is to give homeowners ultimate flexibility. Currently, a booming trend in the market is casement windows. Most of them include three weatherstripping seals, nesting hardware and a multipoint lock. Casement windows are known to have folding nesting hardware. The DEL Team uses dual-arm hardware in every Quality Home to support the weight of a triple glazed thermal. Unlike a slider, a casement window seals much better and is more durable. They provide exceptional airflow, have higher security ratings, and are more energy-efficient.




DEL’s Lifetime OOPS Warranty


DEL prides itself on having exceptional customer support. A showcase of that is their inclusive warranty to all Quality Homeowners.


DEL has an “OOPS” Lifetime Warranty, featuring a 20-year labour coverage plus a broken glass program. After the first few years of a house’s installation, it is not unusual to notice it shift, which can cause a stress crack. DEL typically offers a one-year warranty, but Quality Homeowners have exclusive access to a lifetime warranty on thermal cracks.


The creation of DEL windows is lifetime labour. Their skill and careful attention to detail ensure that Quality Homeowners will be proud of their living space for years to come.



Endless Choice of Window Colours


When building your dream home or cottage and selecting the windows, colour plays a considerable role.


DEL offers every Quality Home customer endless choices.  Unlike their competitors, the DEL team welds all products before painting them so that the colour can stand the test of time. Other companies choose to paint lineals and touch up the corners with a crayon, which eventually does fade. Thanks to the detailed approach, Quality Homeowners can be assured their windows won’t lose any colour. 


With an 18,000-square-foot-paint booth to accommodate any paint request, each Quality Home customer can choose between 20 standard shades or pick something unique. Whichever shade of the spectrum you may wish, they can provide. Those who would like a stylish design can paint brick moulds and frames in one colour and the inside of the window – in another colour. The team at DEL will happily assist in making your dreams come true.


DEL offers every Quality Homes customer an endless amount of colour choices.






Window Trends



  • Current trends are reverting to a more traditional square window, but that doesn’t mean other shapes are left in the dust. 
  • DEL is capable of doing any window shape for Quality Home customers, including square, rectangle, trapezoid – whatever you would like to have from any architectural design. In fact, they do all the bending in-house.



  • In the current market, we are seeing a whole spectrum of colours. For a while, white window frames have been the norm as decor trends shifted to a more minimalistic style. However, more and more homebuyers are daring to use vibrant colours or darker colours like black in their home’s architecture and interior.
  • DEL Windows offer Quality Homeowners the flexibility to choose any colour you wish, bringing your dream home to life.



  • Paying attention to the efficiency of your home’s windows is just as important as the design. Many homebuyers are currently opting for more oversized windows making efficient choices more challenging. Currently, quad seal and four-pane thermals units are becoming more popular, supporting heavier, oversized windows.  


DEL Windows & Doors has been a close partner with Quality Homes for the last five years, providing unparalleled service and premium products for all of our homes. Their quality products with minimal issues are really a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship. For more information about DEL, visit their website.



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