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Meet Our Drafting Team

If you want to know the motivation behind Quality’s mantra of “The Art and Science of Building” just ask Steve Dentinger, Quality Homes’ Drafting and Design Manager.


“While those two themes are inseparable in home building, we all too often find that our clients make one element significantly more important than the other. It is my Team’s job to make sure we do both particularly well,” says Steve.


Steve’s experienced team is made up of three drafting designers: Rachael Green, Lindsay Hogg and Emily Voisin. Then we have Charmaine Pritchard, a component designer, and David Smith, who is our quality control and code compliance coordinator.


Rachael, Lindsay and Emily will produce drawings that encompass the client’s vision as well as their needs and wants around efficient space use, natural light, form and function.


“When given the opportunity to meet with clients, I try to incorporate the client’s current lifestyle into the layout of the home along with planning for the future. Whether that may mean a future family, empty nest, barrier free requirements or perhaps resale. I also attempt to find the most efficient and effective use of space and provide the client options for these areas within the home”, comments Lindsay.


Rachael adds: “It’s a fascinating prospect to bring the homeowner’s ideas to fruition, by merging the aesthetics with functionality, to create their ‘dream home’.”


“As the newest member of the drafting department, I am happy to have several knowledgeable people to learn from, who teach me how to properly address the technical aspect of design”, says Emily.


Once the design is finalized, Charmaine designs roofs and calculates loads to make sure the structural elements of the home are code compliant.


“I enjoy the challenge of making every home structurally sound,” says Charmaine.


David Smith is the watchman of the system. His keen eye ensures each and every drawing going into production complies with the Ontario Building Code and relevant CSA and Company standards.


“I have built a career reviewing construction packages for the production line to enable the smooth transition to the modular product for each client”, states David.


Steve sums it up as follows: “In fact, many building departments are happy to see Quality Homes’ name on the permit application as they know the amount of care and detail that goes into every home we design and build. We have a great design and engineering team that thoroughly understands all that it takes to master The Art and Science of Building.”


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