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Quality Homes has been hard at work this past year, preparing a brand new product to revolutionize the way you live on your property. The Quality Homes Suite Collection was designed to address the real needs of Ontarians.


After all, evolving lifestyles require modern, flexible solutions.


A new take on the Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, our Suite Collection offers you the versatility to support your life as it grows over time. An additional residence on your property that’s independent of your existing home, our new Suites are a smart solution to the rising cost of housing.


An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is an attached or a detached residential dwelling unit that provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons and is located on a lot with a proposed or existing primary residence.


Quality Homes Suites aren’t like other “tiny homes” on the market. Our Suites are CSA-certified, built to meet and exceed Ontario Building Code, and backed by the Tarion Warranty Program. Furthermore, like all of the Quality Homes we build, every Suite is constructed indoors in our state-of-the-art modular home factory, protecting it from damage and delays caused by weather, labour shortages or material sourcing.

Before After

It starts with an initial assessment of your site to guide your design. We construct a fully finished home in our own production facility and then deliver it and set it onto your foundation. We provide construction drawings, all decor selections, as well as a Tarion warranty.


But when purchasing an Accessory Dwelling Unit, it’s important to know that not every site can accommodate an additional residence. Before you buy, it’s important to check your municipality’s zoning regulations and restrictions, have your property assessed, and ensure that your site services can support your new Suite. Once you’ve ensured your site can legally—and physically!—accommodate a Quality Homes Suite, our Team will help guide you through the process of preparing your property for your new ADU.


“It was important for us to design a home that could be fully completed inside our production facility (that includes flooring, plumbing, lighting, even the kitchen – fully complete!) This meant increased efficiencies felt both by our team and the customer. Once it’s done, we transport the single module to the customer’s lot and crane it onto their foundation. Voila!”
– QH Team



Let’s face it—everyone’s lifestyle is different, and they’re changing all the time. By adding a fully-independent residence to your existing property, you unlock a level of flexibility that a single home just can’t meet. In a market where more and more people value extra space, independence, and value, The Suite Collection is the perfect solution.


For example:


Multi-Generational Living—Instead of having aging parents move into your basement to assist them as they age, you can both maintain your independence and privacy while enjoying all the benefits of living on the same property. Plus, there’s no stairs to worry about.


Your Next Investment—An income property is an appealing way for many homeowners to keep up with rising interest rates, but that often comes with big up-front costs and big sacrifices. Instead of purchasing a whole new home or having to share your own, this fully-separate suite is the perfect solution.


Up Your Cottage Capacity—When you love your Quality Homes cottage so much, sometimes showing off to all your guests means you run out of space! Our Suite Collection can add a striking new Bunkie to your property to totally transform your entertaining opportunities.


There are some ways that The Suite Collection is similar to a tiny home. The designs were created to prioritize efficiency, smart layouts, storage where applicable, using every square foot available, and leaning on architectural details like vaulted ceilings to make space feel bigger, etc. But there are several key differences that set our Suites far above the ordinary tiny home.


1. The Suite Collection was designed to still look and function like a home, while meeting the requirements of a secondary dwelling. We wanted the spaces to feel more familiar like a traditional home, with architectural details like vaulted ceilings or cathedral ceilings to help amplify the spaciousness felt when inside the home.


2. The Suites feature modern comforts and technologies, including an electric fireplace, full-size appliances, and beautiful custom gourmet kitchens.


3. Our certifications allow the Suites to be built larger than a typical tiny home, giving you more space and function. Most importantly though, they don’t include lofts or stairs.


4. Unlike some tiny homes, our Suites are considered permanent structures, and are insulated the same as any traditional home. They are regular four-season residences, just in a smaller footprint. Think of it as a small bungalow!


We spoke with the Quality Homes Sales Manager, AJ, about our new Suite Collection to get the inside scoop on the process, designs, and applications of the Suites. Their answers provide incredible insight!

Q: What was the purpose of creating the Suite Collection?

A: This is part of Quality Homes’ commitment to more attainable housing solutions for our customers and communities. Municipalities have opened up opportunities for homeowners to build a secondary residence or accessory dwelling unit (or ADU) on their existing property, supporting the push towards increased housing capacity.


Q: Are the Suites customizable?

A: To remain within the regulations of an ADU, the construction of the units are limited in terms of modifications, from a structural perspective. But of course the décor selections for both the exterior and interior are yours! Once you select a model, you would come in for your Personal Selection Day at our Design Studio where you work 1-on-1 with our Design & Décor Consultant to select all of your interior and exterior finishes for your Suite.

Q: What is the most important element of the design of the Suites?

A: It was essential that the Suites felt like a spacious home while simultaneously offering functional space. Efficiency, smart layouts, and storage were accomplished using every square foot available, while also leaning on architectural details like vaulted ceilings to make space feel bigger through height and bright windows to invite the outside in.

Q: Are these Suites fully inspected?

A: Yes! All of our homes are built under CSA certification which entails many more quality assurance inspections than a traditional site-built home.


Q: Are the Suites under a proper warranty program?

A: Yes! All Suites are registered with Tarion Warranty Corporation, which covers all of the work completed by Quality Homes to guarantee quality in every home we build. We have a longstanding good reputation with Tarion over the years of our building experience.


With such a robust Design Catalogue, Quality Homes is the champion of functional, stylish floorplans. The Suite Collection contains both 1- and 2-bedroom plans to best suit your needs. Each one features two distinctive elevations, reflecting both modern and traditional styles. With comfortable interiors designed to feel like any other home, our Suites are filled with a variety of beautiful finishes and high-quality materials alongside superior modular construction.


Our first design in the collection, The Laurel, is a beautiful 1-bedroom suite with an open concept kitchen and living room, a covered front porch to enjoy your morning coffee outdoors, and bright windows to welcome ample natural light. At 504 sq.ft., The Laurel has more space than many city condos.


504 sq. ft. (42’ x 14’ footprint)
1 BED | 1 BATH

But two beds are better than one! Our newest design, The Foxboro, is an incredible 2-bedroom suite that takes flexible modern living to the next level. Imagine the possibilities of your parents having a guest room, your kids having a home office, or having space for two tenants instead of one.

Before After


636 sq. ft. (48’ x 14’ footprint)
2 BED | 1 BATH



Every home in The Suite Collection offers a new take on modern living, with versatile layouts for every lifestyle. Take a look at our new Suite Designs to explore them all, or visit our flagship location in Kenilworth to tour our brand new Model Home: The Laurel Suite A.

Or if you’d prefer to explore from the comforts of your own couch, click below to take a virtual tour!



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