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Behind the scenes of every Quality Home sits an integral part of your family’s comfort. You may not see your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems right when you enter our homes, but you will certainly feel the positive effects of a well-ventilated living space. Nowadays, heating and cooling have become a significant expense to the homeowner, making it vital to find efficient solutions. Since 1993, Bryan’s Fuel and Quality Homes have shared a proud partnership doing just that for each home we build. 


About Bryan’s Fuel


The story of Bryan’s Fuel goes back to 1924 when it was founded by Roy Bryan, the grandfather of the company’s current president Roy Bryan. Back then, the company focused on heating homes with coal. Over the years, Bryan’s Fuel became a furnace oil provider and, later on, propane. For the last 40 years, the company has also become an HVAC contractor. To learn more about the company’s history, visit their website.




Proud Partnership: Bryan’s Fuel & Quality Homes


Assisting in over 2000 projects, Bryan’s Fuel plays an essential part in creating a Quality Home. The company’s goal is to become the leading home heating and comfort products provider in central Ontario. For them, the needs of their customers (including Quality Homes customers), colleagues, and the public come first. 


It is no secret that your HVAC equipment is one of the most essential elements for keeping you comfortable in your home. That is why it is so important to have high quality, energy efficient equipment.


To ensure our clients have the best:


Every Quality Home is equipped with a high efficiency furnace and a distribution system by Bryan’s Fuel.


What does this mean?


Bryan’s Fuel will install a high efficiency natural gas or propane furnace in your home with accompanying ductwork to distribute heat throughout your house. High-efficiency furnaces convert 96-99% (depending on the model) of the energy from gas to heat.  



The Importance of an HRV


Building modular with Quality Homes means you can enjoy an airtight home that is less costly to heat and cool. While building an airtight home can affect air quality, it is essential to introduce clean, fresh air into the house. 


That can be done with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)


An HRV is a ventilation system that improves the air quality in your home. As air from inside the house is expelled and replaced by fresh outdoor air, the heat is lost. The HRV retains a significant portion of the exhausted air’s sensible heat as it passes through the energy recovery core. 


Every Quality Home includes an HRV: Heat Recovery Ventilator, which ensures you have clean, healthy air within your home.


The building code requires air exchange in a home, which is why these systems are mandatory in all new homes.




A Premium Furnace


Quality Homeowners can choose a two-stage or variable capacity furnace instead of the standard single-stage model for added comfort benefits. 


A two-stage furnace has two running settings, the first stage runs at 65% capacity and the second stage at 100% capacity. For much of the time, the furnace will run in the first stage. Once the temperature becomes exceedingly cold, the furnace will bump to the second stage in order to satisfy the temperature being called for at the thermostat. The dual-stage furnace reduces temperature fluctuations and more evenly heats the home while being quieter and less disruptive.


A variable capacity furnace offers precise temperature control as it will keep your home within 0.5 degrees of the desired temperature by adjusting output capacity between 35-100% in 1% increments – that’s 65 stages!  


The temperature in the house will be consistent due to the continuous operation.



Air Quality In Your Quality Home


Each Quality Home is equipped with an HVAC system that includes a MERV 11 filter. This filter works to remove dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, bacteria and other air pollutants from your home. 


These filters have a large surface area which allows air to travel freely while keeping your air clean and healthy.  It is best to replace the filter with every heating and cooling season.




Radiant Floor Heating


In-floor heating is growing in popularity for Quality Homeowners. The in-floor heating system produces a “floor up” heat distribution that creates an efficient way of heating your home by providing optimum and consistent delivery of heat to your living space. 


Radiant floor heating is popular in homes with finished basements.


Individual room heating control can be provided through “zoning” which can allow to individually heat different parts of the home. This is a desirable solution for multigenerational projects.




Cost Efficient Systems With A Lower Carbon Footprint


For most homeowners, having a cost efficient house is not the only thing that matters. Burning fossil fuels adds greenhouse gas to the atmosphere, which has a negative impact on the environment in many ways. It is critical to find systems with a lower carbon footprint. In Ontario, most electricity is wind, solar, nuclear, or hydroelectric. The downside is that electric heat is expensive.  


A heat pump is a great solution. It uses a refrigeration process to move heat from the outdoor air to the inside.  


Heat pumps don’t create carbon emissions because they don’t burn fuel.


Currently, heat pumps aren’t widespread, but Roy from Bryan’s Fuel believes that they’re going to be the primary way of heating homes in the future. 


It is not difficult to see the allure – with a heat pump, you can enjoy long-term cost savings.



Looking Forward


So what will the future look like for HVAC? Finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint is becoming more critical, but it will be on a different level in the years following. Net zero (where no carbon dioxide is put in the atmosphere) is undoubtedly the future.  


As Roy explains, there are many ways of doing it, such as buying carbon credits from someone who has saved them or having solar panels on your roof. Bryan’s Fuel is putting a lot of effort into providing heating and cooling solutions with little to no carbon emissions.



Bryan’s Fuel has been a long-lasting partner with Quality Homes, providing exceptional service and high quality products for all of our homes for the last 30 years. We look forward to journeying down the road of efficiency together and being better corporate climate responsibility partners.


Find out more information about Bryan’s Fuel through their website.



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