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How Custom Homes Can Save You Money

Five Ways a Custom Home Can Save You Money


Most people think of customs homes as being expensive, but did you know that there are a number of ways that custom homes can actually save you money? Impossible, you say? Let’s take a look at five reasons why custom homes can help you keep more money in your pocket.


  1. Choice of lot.

One of the most expensive things when you buy a new home is the lot that it’s sitting on. Depending on the city or neighbourhood where that lot is located, the price for the same size piece of land can vary greatly. When you build custom however, you have the option of selecting a less expensive piece of land – something you simply do when you are purchasing in the newest up and coming subdivision. And if you already own a lot that can be built on? It’s a no brainer!


  1. A custom home is built according to your taste.

If you have visited open houses for older houses on the market, you may have found a place that you mostly liked but you made mental notes that you would have to change the carpets, update the cabinetry, paint over those purple walls, etc. With a custom home, everything is made according to your taste so there is no updating to do after you move in.


  1. Move-in ready.

Because everything is made according to your taste and there are no renovations to do, your custom home will be move-in ready. This could mean substantial cost savings both in terms of not having to pay renovation crews and not having to live in a hotel or rental while renovations are underway.


  1. No costly repairs – at least not for a few years.

When you own a home, you expect that eventually you’re going to have to repair the plumbing, replace the roof etc. Sometimes however, when you move into an older home, these repairs come up much sooner than expected – and this can be costly.


When you have a custom home built, everything is new and many things are under warranty. Isn’t it nice to know that you can move into your home without having to worry about costly repairs – at least for a while?


  1. Newer homes are more energy efficient

When you opt for a new custom home over an older one, you can be confident that you are making the more energy efficient choice. Over the last few decades, appliances, furnaces, windows and doors have all become more energy efficient, so when you are living in a new home, you will definitely notice a difference in your utility bills.


As you can see, while the initial price tag on an older home may in fact be less than you would see on a custom home, over time it is likely to see a greater amount of savings with the custom home. Plus, you have the advantage of your new custom home already being exactly how you dreamed it.



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