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Buying a Cottage or Building a Cottage? Which One Is a Better Investment?

Owning a cottage is a dream come true for most. You have been fantasizing for as long as you can remember about a place you can go to retreat from the world and enjoy the glory and splendour of summer weekends on the lake. And now, it is finally happening. All your ducks are in a row and you are cottage shopping.

Now the question is, should you buy or should you build? Which one is a better investment? It’s a good question really, but unfortunately, the answer is not so black and white. It may appear at the offset that buying is cheaper… but several factors come into play when you consider the long term that may tip the scales in favour of building your dream cottage.

Quality Materials

When you build your cottage you can ensure that it is built to the highest quality – knowing that whatever choices you make are backed by a ten-year structural guarantee. Your newly built Quality Home cottage will be CSA certified through a 400 point inspection.

When you buy it will be difficult to determine that your cottage has great structural bones that were built with good quality materials… there are no guarantees.

Renovations and Repairs

The reality is that oftentimes when people are selling their cottage, it’s because they aren’t getting the use out of it that they thought they would. This also means they may not have been taking care of the upkeep as they should – which can lead to costly and time-consuming renovations and repairs.

Building your cottage with quality materials means that you will not have to deal with any of that anytime in the near future. The unexpected cost of having to replace your roof in two years, or upgrade your plumbing… increases the overall amount you have to spend to buy someone else’s dream cottage.
Buying a Cottage or Building a Cottage? Which One Is a Better Investment?

Energy Efficiency

The money you will save on your utility bill will be noticeable on a newly built cottage as their heating and cooling systems are more efficient, structural design is tighter and completely draft-free.

Turn Your Dream into Reality

You’ve imagined yourself there, sitting on the porch, hosting big family dinners in the dining room, hiding away with a romance novel in your reading chair. Design the cottage you’ve been dreaming of with the help of the team of experts at Quality Homes.

You Want it Now!

Now that it’s this close, you want it now. You are ready to live that cottage life, and buying a pre-existing cottage may seem quicker than starting from scratch. The good news is that with Quality Homes streamlined process your cottage will be built much faster than traditional builds. And since we build your home in our state-of-the-art factory and ship it to your lot in modules, the weather is not a factor. Your cottage is guaranteed to be completed by its completion date… or we give you $250 a day until it’s done.

Don’t wait for another summer! If you’re ready to build your cottage, contact us today.