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Building Your Home Over The Winter: Everything You Need To Know

At Quality Homes, we’re open all year long. Seasonal changes don’t impact our ability to build. We keep designing and building through spring, summer, fall and right through winter. In fact, as the builders of modular homes, we do a lot of our building over the winter months.


Climate Controlled Building Environment

While winter construction isn’t unheard of in the traditional home-building market, there are a few pitfalls of outdoor building you can avoid when you choose modular. All of our homes are built indoors in our climate controlled facility in Kenilworth. Winter weather hazards like sudden drops in temperature, heavy snowfall, sleet, freezing rain, and high winds are not a concern for our craftsmen. Building indoors ensures the construction of your home will be built to the precise specifications of your design.


No Delays

Delays are a given with outdoor building. Many of these delays are weather related. There’s just no predicting winter weather in Ontario. Since there are a lot of moving pieces with outdoor building that must line up for a successful day of building, the extreme weather conditions we often see over the winter months can really put a wrench in the building process and the overall timeline for completion.


With indoor building, many of the causes of delays in outdoor building can be eliminated entirely. Our workforce has immediate access to the materials they need to get to work right away. Transportation and building delays due to dangerous weather are negated.


Move-in Ready for Spring

Having a modular home built over the winter guarantees a spring move-in date. Modular homes are simply built faster. Once your home is built, we’ll transport each of the modules to your lot and your home will be assembled and installed on your foundation.


Are you ready to start building your custom home this winter? Contact us to get the ball rolling right away! We’re happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through the whole process.