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Building In The Winter? A-OKAY!

Winter isn’t usually associated with home building. After all, if you were to build a home using conventional outdoor construction methods during the winter, there would be all kinds of challenges to deal with. The moisture caused by snow and ice coming into contact with untreated wood would cause warping and potentially even lead to mould. When you factor in these challenges along with the costs associated with them, you can easily see why outdoor construction is seasonal.


Building your home indoors however is another matter altogether. Since modular homes are built indoors in a climate-controlled environment, it makes no difference to the building process whether your home is constructed in spring, summer, autumn, or yes even winter.


There are many advantages to building your modular home in winter:


1. Avoid Harmful Weather

While inclement weather will have its greatest harmful effects on outdoor construction during the harshest months of the year, did you know that weather can damage untreated wood at any time of year?
While builders do their best to ensure the wood is not left unprotected for longer than necessary, rain, wind, and humidity can all have their effect. Building your home indoors is the only way to ensure that your home is entirely protected from the elements throughout the building process.


2. Get to the Front of the Line

One good reason to consider choosing winter to build your modular home is despite the fact that modular homes can be built any time of year, most people still do not think about home building during the winter. In the modular home building industry, things still heat up more during the spring and summer. Therefore, if you do decide to build during the winter, you are going to avoid the spring rush and essentially get your own home to the front of the line.


3. Quality Construction

Because we offer full-time, year-round employment to our construction crews, we can attract the highest quality of workers and craftsmen. As your modular home is being built, each aspect of the process is done under close supervision. This higher level of control combined with the fact that we employ some of the best craftsmen in the industry means that we can also offer the highest level of quality in our final product – your home.



4. Move in this spring!

Finally, building your home indoors during the winter months means that your home can be move-in ready by the spring. If you would like yourself and your family to be settled into your new home in time for the good weather when you can plant your spring garden or plan your summer BBQ party, then building over the winter is a smart idea.


If you are considering having a new home built for the New Year, you don’t have to wait to get the process started. Contact Quality Homes for a consultation and reap the many advantages of building indoors over the winter.




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