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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Custom Home

For most people, building a custom home is a once in a lifetime experience. And while that can make it very exciting, it also means you have never done it before. It can be easy to make mistakes if you don’t do a little research and get some advice. So, before you do anything else, check out our list of the top five mistakes that people make when they build a custom home.
1. Buying a lot without doing your homework.
Buying a lot without doing extensive research can end up being a real headache. Since every location is different it pays to first find out how much the prep work and service costs are going to be for that particular lot.

If you have a home design in mind, you should also consult with the builder to see if the lot is going to be suitable for the type and size of home that you want to build.
2. Not setting a realistic budget prior to the design process.
When it comes to your custom home, you may want the moon and the stars, but can you realistically afford everything on your wish list? Start by visiting your mortgage broker or lender of choice and finding out how much of a construction loan you’ll be able to get. Remember, you don’t have to budget the full amount – and it is probably wise not to.

Let your home builder know what’s on your wish list, but also what your budget is. And if your wish list is bigger than your budget, you can work with your builder to determine what is most important.
3. Cutting corners on things that are important to you.
While it is extremely important to have a budget, you also have to realize that you are planning to live in your custom home for many years. If it is your dream to have a wrap-around porch, then that is NOT an area where you should be cutting corners.

You should also avoid using cheap materials that may have to be replaced in a short time.
4. Not incorporating green design into your home.
There are so many environmentally friendly options for homeowners to choose nowadays. Not only are these options better for the planet, but some of them can save you big money on utilities. In addition to eco-friendly building materials, think about things such as roof overhangs and window locations that will optimize your home’s energy efficiency.
5. Asking for changes after the work has started.
Nothing can throw off your home’s scheduled completion date and your budget, like making changes midway through the process. Take your time in the planning stage, asking as many questions as necessary until you feel confident that you have the home design you want.

While some changes may be minor and doable, others might end up costing a lot more than you think.

Whether it’s assessing your lot for build, financing, design planning, or ensuring you have the best quality materials while maintaining a minimal environmental impact, Quality Homes will guide you through the whole process! Contact us today for a consultation.