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The Best Way To Build

Call it modular. Call it prefab. Call it factory-built. Whatever label you give it, (and we prefer factory-built), these are homes that are built indoors in a factory setting. The home is then covered and transported to its permanent location where it is assembled on your lot by a team of experts.


Factory building is a highly streamlined process that is months faster than traditional construction. It virtually eliminates costly delays and extra charges. Because your home is built in a climate controlled, indoor facility, there are never delays due to weather. The completion date that you are given is pretty much written in stone.


The process of building a factory-built home is truly an engineering marvel that has evolved from decades of systems design. But for consumers, the process is pretty easy. You simply choose a home design or work with the builder to custom design the home you want. It really is an easy process and there are no headaches dealing with multiple contractors. With a factory-built home, the experience is a one-stop-shop. And one of the biggest advantages of factory-built homes is that you only pay 10% down and nothing until your home is installed on your lot!


Factory-built homes are, as a rule, much smarter. They are far more energy efficient than their traditionally-built cousins – who must endure imprecise, man-made measuring, building and finishing exposed to rain, snow, cold and heat. Factory-built homes never shiver or warp from the cold, never have mould issues and never-ever suffer inaccuracies due to human error! Precision measuring, cutting and assembly are completely controlled in the factory. They are built much tighter and are draft free.


Factory-built homes are light years ahead of traditional building. They are simply a better-built home that will last for years to come. Every Quality home must be CSA certified through a 400-point quality standard inspection. In fact, Quality Homes offers a 10-year extended structural warranty – the longest warranty in the industry.


Factory-built homes result in minimal environmental impact and minimal waste. They are more energy efficient and cost less to heat and cool than traditional homes. Plus there is significantly less wasted material and landfill created. Offcuts are often used for the next home. Because they are precision engineered, factory-built homes are stronger, quieter and better insulated than traditional homes.


Perhaps one of the most important differences between traditional and factory-built homes is the speed in which they are built. Factory-built homes are built faster. Plus, the quote you receive for a factory-built home is accurate – unlike traditional construction which generally runs around 20% over quote.


The advantages of factory-built is clear. A Quality home is finished faster, built smarter, built greener, and is stronger than a traditionally constructed home. When you add it all up, a factory-built home from Quality Homes is the best option you can choose!