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Your Home’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you’ve had a chance to catch the new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, it may have given you the inspiration you need to kick your spring cleaning into high gear. And while clearing your home of items that no longer “spark joy” is a great start, we here at Quality Homes wanted to provide you with our own checklist of spring cleaning tips you may not have considered. We don’t have our own Netflix series (yet!) – but if we did, we might call it something like “Spring Cleaning with Expert Home Builders”.


Our Spring Cleaning Checklist:


1. A cloudy day is a great day for window washing!


While a nice sunny day can inspire you to get outside and get some work done, cloudy days are actually better for washing windows. This is because when it is sunny out, your windows are more likely to dry and leave streaks before you can wipe them off.



2. Your dishwasher is not just for dishes!


Dishes aren’t the only thing that you can clean in your dishwasher. You can also use this appliance to clean plastic toys, glass light fixture globes and more. Just make sure to set your dishwasher on a gentle cycle and don’t use the heated dry.



3. Remove dust from drapes and throw pillows.


These items collect dust over time which can get redeposited on furniture and other items – not to mention being quite irritating for anyone in your family that has allergies or respiratory issues. To remove the dust simply put drapes and throw pillows in the dryer and run on an air-only cycle for about 15 minutes. Drapes should be re-hung immediately so they don’t get wrinkles.



4. Eliminate carpet dents.


If part of your spring cleaning involves some rearranging of furniture, you might notice that you have some annoying carpet dents that really don’t look very good. An easy hack to remove them is to place ice cubes in those dents and allow them to melt. Once the cubes are melting, you can lift those carpet fibres back up by running a vacuum over them.



5. Unclutter the gutters!


Over the winter, storms may have left a lot of leaves, dirt and debris in your gutters and this can cause rain water to back up, possibly even causing damage to your home. If clearing your gutters is not something you feel comfortable doing yourself, there are professionals that can help you with this.



6. Prepare your outdoor space.


Warm weather is just around the corner, and chances are you will want to enjoy as much of it as possible. Prepare by sweeping and washing your deck or patio and dusting off your outdoor furniture.



7. Get that AC ready!


It may not be super warm yet, but trust us – the hot weather is coming and you’ll want your air conditioning unit to be ready. Change the filter and vacuum off any dust that may have settled on it in order to maximize its effectiveness.



Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting job, but when you break it down into manageable bite-sized pieces you’ll find yourself getting through your tasks more easily. Clearly there are more items to spring cleaning than the ones we mentioned in our checklist, but we hope that we have given you the inspiration you need to get started!




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