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What’s Important About Your Lot

One of the key factors in the home-building process is finding the right lot. We are often asked whether it’s better to choose the home design prior to seeking a property or vice versa.


One of the advantages of choosing Quality Homes is that all of our homes are customizable – which makes the question of “which comes first the house or the lot?” an interesting query. The ideal scenario is that you select your lot first and we adapt the home to it. It is easier and makes for the best result.


When looking for a building lot, it’s important to take into account location, size, price and shape. The location, the size of your construction budget and how much land you can effectively use will certainly impact your model choices. From walkout basements to utility locations – your lot determines more than just the location of your future home. Some points to consider – is your site undeveloped or does it require a demolition? Are the utilities there or nearby? Will you require a septic system? Where is your electricity, water and natural gas or propane coming from? Quality Homes has the expertise to help answer these questions, or will refer you to someone who can.


During the pre-construction stage, you will need to get your site ready for the delivery of your new home. This involves acquiring all of the necessary approvals and permits before we can deliver and finish your home. For many of our customers, these pre-construction processes can be time-consuming, complicated and somewhat frustrating. That’s why we offer a Convenience Package that enables our Pre-Construction Coordinator to act as your agent and greatly reduce the stress involved.


Sometimes building lots come with covenants, deed restrictions or easements that restrict what you can and cannot build. Our Foundation Manager will assess your lot to ensure that there is adequate clearance and access for the delivery of your new home or cottage – even before it is purchased. The route to the site as well as its size and shape all factor into the home’s design.


Our representatives can help you choose one of our 80 different home designs. Every one of our traditional and contemporary two-storey homes, bungalows and cottages is fully customizable or we can design a completely custom home to maximize the efficiency of your lot.


At Quality Homes we’re here to help. We want to help you get the best home for your budget and your lot. Please contact us 1-800-265-2648 or visit one of our sales centres and model homes.