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Opportunity Is Knocking!

Get the home you want, on your existing lot, in just 16 weeks!


There’s never been a better time to consider tearing down your existing house and building a brand new, custom-designed home in its place. Why? Because buying a resale will erode the equity you’ve accumulated in your home when you sell it and buy another home. Because there are tens of thousands of dollars in other costs – like real estate commissions and Land Transfer Tax when you buy another home. And because your property has increased in value to the point where you are swimming in equity – you have the ability to use your property’s value to build a brand new home!


It makes great financial sense to stay where you are and build new on your lot. You’ll save real estate commissions and land transfer tax and you’ll be able to stay right where you are, in the neighbourhood you know and love.


Kids can stay in their schools. Neighbours can stay neighbours. All of the things you love about your location will stay the same. The only change is the home itself – brand new and loaded with all the personalized finishing features you want!


Rebuilding a new home on your lot can increase your equity by as much as 30% from day one! You’ll get a brand new, custom designed home on your lot for far, far less money than buying a resale that will likely need expensive work to bring it up to your standards.


Quality Homes offers you a complete turnkey Urban Rebuild Program that includes the tear-down and removal of your old home, architectural design, all drawings, permits, site preparation, construction within our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art factory and assembly and hook up of your new home on your lot. This whole process can take as few as 16 weeks! You can choose one of 80 home designs or Quality Homes will custom design a home just for you.


If you love your address but have outgrown your home, give Quality Homes a call. We’ll send someone to talk to you about your brand new home!


Opportunity is knocking. Answer the door! Call 1-877-278-7331.


Note: Delivery date varies by model and location. This opportunity is based on evaluation of your location and access to your lot.