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How Building Homes Indoors Is Changing The Way Homes Are Designed

Take a moment to imagine your dream home. Now imagine that home being built. If you are like most people, you probably imagined your home being built on a construction site rather than inside a factory. But the fact of the matter is that building homes indoors is becoming increasingly common and it is changing the way that homes are designed.


Homes built indoors – also known a prefab or modular homes – are nothing new. They became extremely popular after World War II when they were offered by Sears and Roebuck for veterans returning home. Today, there are still neighbourhoods all over North America that are filled with these boxy cookie-cutter style houses.


But modular homes have come a long way since then.


Today, modular homes can be and are being built in a multitude of different styles and designs. Distinguishing between a well-built site and modular home is almost impossible!



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Existing Floorplans vs. Custom Modular Homes


While it is possible to build a completely custom modular home, most modular home companies offer a selection of pre-existing plans. These plans are so diverse that it pays to review them first as you may find exactly what you are looking for.


Additionally, if you find a floorplan that is almost but not exactly right, it is possible to make adjustments to that floorplan for a considerably lower cost than starting from scratch. Like conventional custom-building companies, modular home companies usually have their own designers that will consult with you to help you design your floorplans as well as help you choose finishes that will suit your tastes.



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The Quality of Modular Homes


Like any home – or any product for that matter – modular homes can vary greatly in quality from builder to builder, so it is necessary to do your homework and choose a reputable building company with excellent references.


Some people mistakenly think that the quality of modular homes is lower than that of homes built on a construction site when in fact the opposite is often the case. Because modular homes have to meet strict CSA standards and be set onto their foundation with a crane, they must be built sturdier than a conventional house would be.


Because they are built inside a factory and are closely supervised every step of the way, there is less chance for human error. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about weather damage occurring during the building process because they are completely protected from the elements.


Not only are modular homes completely customizable and of the highest quality, but there are other benefits as well. Building indoors makes modular homes more sustainable as there is hardly any construction waste. In addition to all this, modular homes can be built much faster and more inexpensively than homes that are built on construction sites.


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