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Why Your Flooring Choice Matters

When you build a custom home, you have endless options not just for the overall design of your home but also the interior finishes, such as flooring. Flooring is one of the most important decisions you will make to set the tone for your home’s style and function. We are proud to partner with industry experts such as Centura & Mirage to provide every Quality Homeowner with the highest quality flooring options.


When you build with Quality Homes, you will select the flooring for each room of your home. Included at no extra cost to you are selections of: vinyl plank, laminate or carpet (available in a range of colours and textures). Custom options include: hardwood (range of width and species available) or ceramic tile (range of size, pattern and colours available).



Our partners at Centura London Tile offer a wide selection of flooring styles and colours, each carefully selected and curated to meet exceptionally high standards. From the cozy plush broadloom carpet to our fun yet practical vinyl plank and laminate options, there is something to suit every purpose.


Quality Homes and Centura have had the pleasure of being in a partnership for over 30 years!



What are the best flooring combinations?

Flooring combinations really can be endless depending on the needs of each room. Durable tile or Ultra Ceramic selections for entryways and washrooms will often lead to a flooring perceived as a “warmer” option for the cozier and more commonly used areas of the home. Common selections include carpet for bedrooms and stairs as well as laminate or a luxury vinyl in the great rooms or basements.


When and why should you choose VINYL?

Vinyl planks have come a long way with their aesthetics and have fast become one of the more popular choices for busy main living areas in a home. Vinyl planks are almost zero maintenance and extremely resistant to everyday abuse.  As one of the only true waterproof options, they are an easy choice for kitchens, basements and laundry rooms.


Left to Right: Vinyl Plank Flooring by Centura – Dura Fusion – Colours: Grey Monk, Oyster Bay, Stone Ridge


Vinyl Plank Flooring by Centura – Dura Fusion – Colour: Stone Ridge


When and why should you choose LAMINATE?

Laminate is a pretty durable flooring choice with a wide variety of colour options. It is extremely scratch-resistant and easy to clean and maintain, which makes it an excellent choice for homes with pets and children. Laminate can resist some water but is not considered to be fully waterproof so it may not be the best option for wet areas such as a full washroom.


Left to Right: Laminate Flooring by Centura – Heritage Series – Colours: Applewood, Beachwood, Sandalwood


Laminate Flooring by Centura – Heritage Series – Colour: Applewood


When and why you should choose CARPET?

Although carpet is less popular now than in past decades, it is still a fantastic flooring choice for many areas of the home. It is warm and cozy underfoot and most importantly absorbs sound and environmental noise, making it an ideal option for stairs, bedrooms and hallways. Carpet is a fast and easy install and there are many patterns and colour choices out there to personalize your space.



Left to Right: Carpet by Centura – Triathlon Series – Colours: 1095, 1096, 1075



When and why should you choose ULTRA CERAMIC?

Ultra Ceramic is an engineered stone featuring a rounded edge design providing the authentic look and feel of ceramic and stone. It is one of those products that has very few limitations and can be used pretty much anywhere in the home. It is extremely easy to clean; when grouted, it is 100% waterproof making it ideal for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is warmer and more comfortable underfoot than your regular stone tile and is made from mostly natural materials, meeting the FloorScore® certification for better indoor air quality.



Top to Bottom: Ultra Ceramic by Centura – Colours: Finestone Natural Pewter, Urban Slate Natural Grey, Spa Marble Light Grey


Rosseau Model Home – Featured Flooring: Ceramic Tile by Centura – Ardoise Series – Colour: Ecru



When and why should you choose PATTERNED TILE?

Patterned tile can add a bold touch of creativity or a bit of extra drama to an otherwise neutral space. Patterned tiles have been in use for centuries so they can really lend themselves to period inspired design schemes. Recently however, they have been incorporated into the more simplistic, modern and contemporary designs. Laundry rooms, small bathrooms and fireplace surrounds are often the favourite choices for using a patterned tile. You can add a ton of character to these smaller spaces using patterns, without it feeling like such a huge commitment.  Consider adding a patterned tile as an inlay on the floor in a front hallway for example, or use them as an accent on a shower wall or within a shower niche. They are a great way to break up a solid colour tile and add some warmth and interest.


Picasso Series by Centura – Colour: DF214


Picasso Series by Centura – Colour: DF205




Our partners at Mirage Hardwood Floors produce the finest engineered hardwood options. Hardwood is a higher-quality eco-friendly product that requires little maintenance and lasts for decades.


Indisputably the # 1 hardwood flooring brand in North America, we are proud to work with Mirage – a 100% owned and operated Canadian company for over 20 years.



What makes Mirage Hardwood stand out?

Recognized by the industry as the number one quality brand in North America, Mirage is cutting edge in their design and finishes plus a leader in environmental policy. They have no endangered wood species; their wood is ALL sustainably harvested, there’s no waste from the facility. Mirage is also the first hardwood manufacturer to take a stand against plastics in our industry.


When and why should you choose hardwood?

Hardwood, particularly quality North American hardwood, adds dollar value to the home. Also, for health reasons, Mirage Hardwood does not off-gas in the home like carpet or other products like imitation hardwood products. If someone has environmental or breathing issues, dust allergies etc., Mirage hardwood is an excellent choice since their stains and finishes are water-based.  Plus, being a Canadian-made, owned and operated company with all of the health and safety commitments in place.


Left to Right: Engineered Hardwood by Mirage – Charcoal Maple 5″ Cashmere Finish, Treasure Red Oak 5″ Duramatt Finish


Rosseau Model Home – Featured Flooring: Engineered Hardwood by Mirage – Sweet Memories Collection – Colour: Nougat – Species: Aged Maple – Plank Width: 5” – Finish: Cashmere


Engineered Hardwood by Mirage – Red Oak 5″ – Charcoal (Brushed DuraMatt)



Interesting in learning more about our flooring options for your Quality Home? Connect with a Building Consultant today.



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