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Why Smart Home Technology Is A Must

A little more than a decade ago, people began making the switch from the old flip phones to smartphones. Today, almost everyone enjoys the features and convenience of having a smartphone. Now, the same thing is happening with home technology. Smart homes will soon be as ubiquitous as smartphones. So especially if you are building a new home, incorporating some smart home technology is a must.


Here are just a few reasons to adopt smart home technology:


Enhance Energy Efficiency

Who wouldn’t love to save more money on their utility bills? Programmable thermostats have been around for years, but now there are new smart thermostats that you can control from the convenience of your smartphone, allowing you to adjust your home’s temperature when you are not home. It goes even farther by learning behaviours to help set schedules to save on energy costs.


There are even smart window treatments that can react (open or closed) to heat and light from outside so as not to overtax your HVAC system. Shade control systems allow you to remotely control window coverings or set the control to pre-determined times, ensuring that shades are drawn at peak sun times.


Save on electricity bills by controlling lighting features when you are away from the home (either at work for the day, or on vacation). Lighting control systems allow you to turn lights on and off or dim them remotely using your smartphone.



Improve Your Home Security

Smart home devices can also help to improve your home security – protecting your home, the contents within it and of course your family members. Indoor or outdoor security cameras can stream image and video directly to your smartphone so you can monitor activity, whether or not you are at home. A video doorbell can also show you who is at your front door before you answer it.


Going away for an extended period of time? You can use smart home technology to give the appearance that someone is home with the periodic automatic turning on and off of lights as well as the opening and closing of blinds.



Make Life More Convenient

There are many smart home technologies that make life more convenient. Have you even left the house and then wondered whether you remembered to close the garage door? No need to turn around and go back. You can remotely control your garage door from your smartphone.


With keyless entry systems, you also will never have to worry about losing your keys – or having them stolen.  Give unique codes to family members or your dog walker. Even receive a text or email alerts when the door has been locked or unlocked, letting you know when someone is coming or going.



Whether you are building or buying a new home or simply upgrading your existing one, smart home technology is becoming an integral part of modern life so you can feel peace-of-mind 24/7. At Quality Homes, that’s why we have included smart home technology into every home we build. To learn more about our HiQ package, click here.




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