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Cottage Country Could Be Your New Neighbourhood!

Motivated by the high cost of properties in urban centres, many people are opting to move into cottage country for year-round living.


According to Tess Kalinowski, Real Estate Reporter for the Toronto Star, “While vacation properties have soared in price in recent years along with Toronto real estate, some resort areas within a two-hour drive of Toronto remain relatively affordable.”


Interestingly enough, 91% of sales of recreational properties throughout Canada are attributed to Baby Boomers. This has jumped from 55% one year ago. People are selling their equity-rich homes in the city and buying recreational properties with the intent of retiring in comfort away from the city.


Some are hanging on to their properties in the city, renting them out and buying retirement properties in cottage country.


Either way, the equity the Boomers have amassed in their homes is changing their retirement possibilities for the better.


There’s a great opportunity for people to buy a relatively cheap lot in Cottage Country and build their dream home on it. Enter Quality Homes – where you can select an existing home or cottage design or work with our designers to create a custom one. Imagine a stunning bungalow on a lake where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of nature, sipping a latte on your deck as you take in the beauty around you.


Building a Quality Home is a reasonably priced alternative to trying to get a home built in cottage country where weather and a short building season combine with a shortage of reliable trades to make it difficult to do. But at Quality Homes, your home is built indoors in a pristine factory where every cut is precision controlled and every feature planned perfectly to fit. Your home is then delivered to your lot and assembled on site in a matter of weeks. Our knowledgeable staff helps you every step of the way.


Call us today. Or better yet – visit us and tour our spectacular model homes to get a clear idea of why Quality Homes is the best way to build your dream home.